SDRA Priorities

SDRA’s initiatives and mission comprise three focus areas: planning, development, and promotion.

We advocate for quality, successful urban design and act as a leader in planning efforts for greater downtown. These endeavors include creating and formulating plans, bringing people together for planning projects, and supporting plans created by others. Current projects include the I-16 Ramp Removal, Canal District, and Downtown Streetscaping.

We work proactively to develop properties, both carrying out development projects of our own and partnering with other entities in the community. We develop property to supplement and support the private sector’s development activities and to serve larger community goals. Our present focus is the revitalization of the Wells Park area.

We lead by example to break down physical and social barriers in Savannah. We promote all of greater downtown and our key geographic areas in particular through our Golden Broom Awards, annual Street Fair, and Better Block events. These efforts produce tangible, positive changes and highlight the valuable attributes of neighborhoods, corridors, and sites in greater downtown.