Unless you live under a rock, you know that change and development is occurring on a daily basis in Savannah. We often hear the downside of change – the problems, concerns and issues that come about because of it. And there’s no question that we don’t always plan well for future change — something we can all work smarter to achieve. But the change and growth of a city and a region is something inherent to life itself. I ran across this blog post recently, responding to similar concerns in a much larger city (Denver, CO) and challenging people to take a different attitude. Here’s one key quote, and the rest of the article can be found at this link.

“A place which fights the arrival of change is doomed to heartache because, good or bad, change is coming. We as a city need to make the distinction between stability and sameness. We need to allow new growth and new ideas, and welcome new neighbors rather than fight change and appear to be the unwelcoming and selfish people we claim we are not.”

What do you think? How should Savannah plan for and approach our changing city?