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Savannah Urbanism Series Announces Renowned Urbanist Dhiru Thadani as Guest Speaker

Held semi-annually, The Savannah Urbanism Series is intended to educate and empower the greater Savannah community on current issues in planning and development. At these events, it is our goal to bring in leading professionals and thinkers to facilitate an open dialogue on the difficult questions presented by growth, change, and development in urban places like Savannah. These vital discussions have the potential to challenge prevailing approaches to development and foster informed and proactive policies for the future.

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How to Make Your Block Better

Jason Roberts founded The Better Block (now The Better Block Foundation) in 2010, and in a few short years his work has taken off like a rocket ship.

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Is Small the New Big?

Our common view of real estate development is that it occurs in big, expensive chunks – picture large-scale subdivisions and high-rise towers. That scale of enterprise often seems mysterious and expensive. It’s what we imagine the word “developer” to mean. But... read more

Zoning: The Delicate Balance

City Observatory is a fairly new website and blog that has done an excellent job of presenting data to evaluate common issues in planning. They take on some of the most emotional and controversial subjects in planning and development, and provide some deep, factual... read more

The Never-Ending Mystery of Parking

Depending on who you talk with, Savannah needs either dramatically more parking, needs more expensive on-street parking, needs parking permits or in some cases – no new parking at all.

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The Market Demand for Walkability

  For about twenty-five years, a fairly small group of professionals in the design and planning professions has been touting the desires of people to live in walkable communities. One remarkable report came across my desk this month that shows just how far the... read more

Incremental Development Workshop Coming to Savannah

The workshop is designed to introduce the principles and implementation mechanisms behind neighborhood based development projects. The workshop offers specialized training about how to create small projects, like 1-3 story buildings with less than 20 units, which are residential, commercial or mixed in use. Presenters at the workshop include developer, Monte Anderson who has spent years “in the trenches” finding ways to redevelop his community into a place where people want to live and work. Also presenting, Eric Kronberg who takes the approach of “placemaking” to development by creating public spaces that promote health, happiness and well-being. This workshop is the first step to becoming a small developer yourself or creating a supportive ecosystem for small development in Savannah.

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