westsideSavannah Development and Renewal Authority was delighted to host Dhiru Thadani last week as part of the Savannah Urbanism Series. For those that couldn’t attend, or for those that would like to learn more, here is some information about the redevelopment efforts for the West Side neighborhoods in Atlanta. Click here to view the Land-Use Action Plan.

As a reminder, the Westside Summit happens every two weeks, and features a speaker and opportunities to network with the team of folks working to revitalize the area. This is a great opportunity for us to get a group together from Savannah, and learn alongside others working on the same kinds of challenges we are. And of course, we have ideas to share with them regarding our many community-driven efforts. View upcoming Westside Summits here and email Kevin Klinkenberg should any of these appeal to you.

We are not alone – let’s learn from the best and adapt their ideas to Savannah.