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Downtown Savannah 2033

In 2011, the City of Savannah adopted portions of a Master Plan, the first cohesive vision of the city’s future since General Oglethorpe laid out the squares. The Savannah Development and Renewal Authority (SDRA) is leading an update to that 20 year plan called... read more

Congress for New Urbanism Calls for Community Participation

The Congress for New Urbanism is a collection of urban designers, architects, planners, developers and engineers who stand for the restoration of existing urban centers and towns, the reconfiguration of sprawling suburbs into communities of real neighborhoods and... read more

May the Road Ahead be Walkable…

With 2018 underway, we are proud to undertake an update of the Downtown Master Plan. The plan will be a dynamic, public, community-driven effort to establish a vision for the overall growth and change for the next 15-20 years.

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Lean Urbanism pilot project examines MLK, Waters corridors

About a year ago, the Project for Lean Urbanism selected Savannah and four other U.S. cities for a pilot project aimed at developing viable plans for neighborhood revitalization. Rather than focusing on large-scale neighborhood interventions, the Project for Lean... read more

Savannah Urbanism Series featuring Hank Dittmar

The Savannah Urbanism Series will welcome guest speaker Hank Dittmar, a renowned urban designer and expert on city resilience and transit, advising governments, companies and communities across the world of strategies for the Urban Century. The free Savannah Urbanism... read more

Can we create a new downtown?

This was the case in Storrs, Connecticut, home to UConn, the state’s flagship university. Having no downtown made it hard to recruit students and staff, but even worse, there was no central gathering space for the university community or the townspeople to come together to celebrate, dine, shop, or take care of everyday needs, such as grocery shopping or doctor visits.

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Reconnecting with the Street Grid

It seems strange to most people that the idea of removing infrastructure could ever be a good thing. But in many cities, that’s exactly the case. Our excitement to build freeways in the 1950’s and beyond led us to build far more highway and road infrastructure than we... read more

What Can Savannah Learn From the Westside Future Fund?

Savannah Development and Renewal Authority was delighted to host Dhiru Thadani last week as part of the Savannah Urbanism Series. For those that couldn’t attend, or for those that would like to learn more, here is some information about the redevelopment efforts for... read more